Building Wealth

Here we explore how much SNS you can earn from train2earn and how to invest your SNS earnings to build digital wealth.
Train2Earn Income
The Synesis One AI training platform rewards contributors with SNS tokens, a Solana-based cryptocurrency. Through Digital Currency Exchanges, you can swap your SNS tokens for USDT, which you can then convert into local fiat currency. We'll explore this in the 'train2earn income' article below.
Decentralized Finance
You can also put your tokens to work to increase your returns and generate passive income through Decentralized Finance. Decentralized Finance (DeFi) refers to financial applications built on blockchains, typically using smart contracts. A smart contract is a program that executes agreements automatically, without intermediaries like banks or brokerage firms. Smart contracts work like a vending machine: insert money and you get a soda, without a human intermediary.
The beauty of DeFi is that anyone with an internet connection and a smartphone can use decentralized Apps (dApps) to access financial services, even if they don't have a bank account. DeFi apps allow you to store value, provide liquidity, loan money, and generate passive income without a central authority through a peer-to-peer approach. We'll look at some of the ways you can invest your SNS tokens in the passive income article below.
Additional Readings
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