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What is Synesis One?

Synesis One is a train2earn platform that crowdsources data to train AI.
Humans are still better than computers at many tasks. That's why every day, millions of workers spend their time classifying, tagging, sorting, and annotating data on crowdwork platforms like Amazon Mechanical Turk, and
Clickwork offers the flexibility to work from home, but the tradeoff is usually low pay, exploitive requestors, and unresponsive management. Existing platforms tend to offer tasks on a 'take it or leave it' basis and workers have no recourse when things go wrong.
Synesis One was founded to address these problems and create a fairer and more open ecosystem. Our mission is to put power in the hands of the community and reward contributors for the value they create. We believe that happier workers will lead to better AI training data. Synesis One will achieve these goals by launching a Distributed Autonomous Organization (DAO) called the Synesis One DAO.
What's a DAO? A DAO is a new kind of entity made possible by blockchain and smart contract technology. Unlike traditional corporations, decision making is distributed among the entity’s token holders, who are incentivized to act in good faith to advance a shared vision.
When you hold our SNS tokens (our Solana-based crypto currency), you become an owner – not just a worker. Ownership grants power, including voting rights in the DAO and the ability to help shape the future of Synesis One. With ownership comes the responsibility to be good stewards and participate in the ecosystem.
We believe that decisions made by our entire community, rather than by a few corporate suits, will lead to better outcomes. We also believe in aligning incentives, so when we succeed, we all win together. This is the kind of world all of us deserve. Join us, and let’s build the future together.
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