What is train2earn?

Train AI, earn crypto!
Data is the lifeblood of artificial intelligence. Without data, AI models are basically useless: they can't make connections or find patterns or make predictions. Where do AI companies get the data they need? Big Tech vacuums up thousands of terabytes of data through free cloud services, often without their users' knowledge or consent. You get free email. They get data worth billions.
We've opted for a different approach. We designed Synesis One to crowdsource the data needed to train AI algorithms. Like Wikipedia, our community members constantly contribute data and check its accuracy. But unlike Wikipedia, our contributors are paid for their contributions. That's why we call our business model train2earn.
Our first client is Mind AI (Mind.ai), which is building an advanced natural language understanding engine. We're helping their team of computer scientists crowd source the 'mental map' the engine needs to make sense of the world. By training the engine, you can help humanity achieve the goal of general artificial intelligence - and get paid for your contributions.
The Synesis one platform can also be applied to data annotation, photo tagging and many other microtasks. We'll be adding these sorts of tasks in the future.
To participate in train2earn, you first need to set up a Solana-compatible crypto wallet. Your wallet will allow you to securely send and receive tokens like SNS (our reward token) or SOL (the native token of the Solana Blockchain) - from anywhere in the world. Let's get started!