Official Synesis One Technical Litepaper with Mind AI, last updated December 2021.

Synesis One is a Web3 data utility and NFT marketplace for AI. It is the symbiosis of SynesisDAO and Kanon Exchange, powered by our governance token, Synesis, and semi-fungible data token, Kanon.

SynesisDAO is a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) of ontology contributors, data traders, and ontology consumers. It crowdsources ontologies in natural language format and aggregates them immutably as a permissionless public data utility accessible by any AI system. Mind AI, the world’s first natural language reasoning AI, with its novel data structures, canonicals, will be its first beneficiary and ontology consumer.

Kanon Exchange is the native NFT data marketplace for Kanon. A Kanon represents a unique ontology primitive of the mental map of Mind AI. Kanon ownership incentivizes a supply of ontology miners to SynesisDAO because ontology mining is a prerequisite to claim rewards in each period. Kanon enables a vastly more approachable monetization of data for everyone, not just for data scientists or computing specialists. Kanon can be staked as collateral and converted into a composable DeFi asset for more sophisticated transactions involving lending, borrowing, insurance, swaps, futures, and derivatives in an open financial system. The Atomic Split function will provide an option to divide an original, non-fungible (parent) Kanon into a set number of fungible (child) Kanons like stocks split in a stock market.

Synesis One will operate in a cross-chain environment. Smart contracts for Synesis One V1 will be deployed on the Solana Blockchain (SOL) to conserve gas costs, with future deployments on other chains to follow.

Expected revenue source for Synesis One is fivefold: a) mining fee paid by AI companies, b) trading fees from Kanon Exchange (2.5% per trade), c) creator royalties from all Kanons minted (2.5% per trade), d) DeFi related service fees, and e) its treasury at genesis. The treasury will fund software development, business development, marketing, and more. The Synesis Foundation will fund an Ethics Board and grants.

The utility and economics of the dual token system is gamified to recruit, retain, and reward skilled ontology miners.

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