2.2 Ecological Landscape of Data Monetization

Let us start with three participants, the stakeholders in Synesis One. Contributors are ontology miners eager to earn rewards. Traders are those with Synesis or Kanon in their wallet who wish to trade for profit. Consumers are those willing to pay for AI training data. Synesis One, the public data utility, is the result of the interaction between these three stakeholder groups. Figure 1 illustrates how the three are inseparably but harmoniously intertwined to produce the result.

Figure 2 depicts the Flow, the process of ontology genesis to its monetization. The first two phases focus on mining (crowdsourcing), storing ontologies and turning them into specific meta-data for each AI system in a plug-and-play, modular fashion. The last two phases focus on monetizing them.

Figure 3 depicts the ecological landscape of Synesis One in panoramic view. Indicated at the top is the flow, designed to move the ecosystem in the direction of value creation and monetization in four phases. Five elements then operate in a circular sequence covering the four phases as Enablers. Detailed descriptions of the five elements are in Section 7 through 11. The design is to keep everyone focused on earning Synesis (Symbol: SNS) and Kanon (NFT). That singular purpose, and its collective pursuit by the Ecosystem participants, will lead us to become the largest Web3 data utility.

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