5.6 Synesis Relevance Index (SRI) and Synesis Relevance Index Score (SRIS)

Synesis One maintains Synesis Relevancy Index (SRI), which is the list of at least 10,000 keywords ranked by the Synesis Relevancy Index Score (SRIS), which measures how frequently the ontologies (or canonicals) containing the keyword are accessed by the Mind AI engine and how they are inter-related in each period. SRI works just like an index of the back of a book except it will be digitally updated on a real time basis. All Kanon holders will have a member-only access to the online dashboard that will display SRI in a variety of graphical representations.

Each Kanon will entitle its holder a right to claim a network reward in SNS. The total claimable amount in each period will be determined by the Synesis Relevancy Index Score (SRIS). One of the qualifications for a Kanon holder to claim a reward is either they participate in ontology mining to earn SNS for a certain amount of output or refer someone to join ontology mining (e.g., tweeting a promotional post, etc). Synesis One will generate recurring revenue in the form of a creator royalty and/or exchange platform fee if traded on Kanon Exchange by collecting a percentage of total trading volume of Kanon on blockchain.

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