2.1 Intention

The intent of Synesis One is to become the largest Web3 data utility and marketplace for AI, governed by DAO. We start the process with Mind AI and ultimately end up with a fully modular data aggregation and monetization platform accessible to any AI system seeking to crowdsource data. When fully deployed, the entire operating system of Synesis One will be:

  • Censorship resistant (no one can stop it)

  • Decentralized (no one controls it)

  • Permissionless (anyone can use it)

  • Secure (anyone can verify transaction).

Our team will adhere to the following guiding principles throughout this journey:

  • Build something beneficial to all humanity

  • Make data for AI accessible and tradable to anyone

  • Create a user experience that is inclusive, secure, social, artistic, cultural, competitive, intelligent, sophisticated, and fun

  • Prioritize participation over speculation

  • Make it count by creating real opportunity to earn

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