5.7.6 Release Schedule

Kanon will start with English first. The first 10,000 Kanons, the Synesis Metaverse Aquarius Collection, will be minted to the public before the official release date the Builder and Validator ontology mining platform. This is also to commemorate the Age of Aquarius.

The first collection will contain mostly nouns and verbs in English, based on estimated frequency of their usage in the meta-data database connected to the Mind AI reasoning engine.

After the release of the Synesis Metaverse Aquarius Collection, subject to changes, the content and release schedule for the next collections could be algorithmically determined and recommended for final approval by SynesisDAO’s community vote based on the metrics in Section

  • A = Total number of unique ontology primitives (or keyword) accumulated in the meta-data (i.e. canonical) database

  • B = Total number (frequency) of reference (or usage) per ontology primitive

  • C = Total number of unique wallet addresses holding Kanon

  • D = Total number of unique wallet addresses holding SNS

  • E = Combined market value of SNS and Kanon contained wallets (all of C + D)

  • Average Synesis Value per connected wallet (ASV) = E/(C +D)

All keywords will be ranked by their SRIS and this will create a long-tail curve from left to right on X-Axis. This curve will be divided into groupings of approximately 10,000 keywords on the X axis horizontally ranked by SRIS from left to right.

Each time the conditions mentioned in Section are satisfied, Synesis One will automatically propose a new collection of Kanons to be minted. This proposal will be approved by community vote of SynesisDAO for full release after certain primitive cleansing is conducted by linguists on its payroll.

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