1. Overview

Training datasets for AI is a big problem.[i] All AI systems run on data, but raw data has little value. It doesn’t matter if it is in Machine Learning, Deep learning, Speech to Text, Text to Speech, Conversational AI, or Computer Vision. AI is only as good as your trained data. While quantity matters, a lack of high-quality datasets will prevent any AI system from completing its mission.

According to YV Intelligence, the global AI training dataset market is expected to reach over 10 billion USD at a CAGR of 23.14%.[ii] Tremendous growth and technological advancement in the field of AI are further boosting the demand for AI training datasets. However, lack of technical expertise, and implementation of complex AI models, hamper market growth. While there has been much public debate about who controls data and how to monetize it fairly, only a few have articulated both how data must first be prepared before it can be useful, and how unapproachable and difficult it is to grasp the data monetization process, especially for average persons, most of whom are without an advanced degree in AI or data science.

The solution to that problem is Synesis One. It’s a decentralized community of dedicated contributors, traders, and consumers who can cooperate or compete to build the Web3 Data Utility and monetize its ontology primitives in the form of non-fungible tokens (NFTs), Kanons, that anyone can relate to and collect. We will apply the most advanced gamification techniques to build the community of Kanon collectors trading on Kanon Exchange. This will ensure data ownership has a social and cultural value, not solely a technical and economic utility. We will infuse a touch of humanity and fun to data ownership and monetization. This unique approach should encourage mass-adoption of decentralized data monetization, add more liquidity and excitement to the process of community building, and inspire more ontology miners to join SynesisDAO. Together with Mind AI, the revolutionary, award-winning natural language-based reasoning AGI, Synesis One will create a fairer, more open, and more cost-effective ecosystem of collecting and monetizing data for AI, and for all.

This paper serves as the blueprint for Synesis One (with Mind AI’s core team) to build the world’s first natural language reasoning AI for Web3 – starting with data.


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[ii] Global AI training Dataset market forecast to 2030. YV Intelligence. (n.d.). https://www.yvintelligence.com/press-release/AI-training-dataset-market.html.

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