7.2 Constituencies

The ontology contributors, data traders, and ontology consumers make up and run SynesisDAO. SNS token ownership is a requirement to participate.

  • Ontology Contributors are miners. We envision that over the next couple of years, several million miners will join Synesis One. Initially, they will be attracted by the earning potential and community. The best examples of its potential scale are Clickworker and Scale AI. They are crowdsource-driven AI data service firms operating as rent-seeking intermediaries. Clickworker has more than 2.8M registered workers.[i] Scale AI just completed its Series E financing round with a $7B valuation.[ii]

  • For the Architect, this is a more professional role that is designed to attract miners seeking higher compensation, and who possess a greater degree of skill in planning, communication, and design. The following will perform the role of Architect: game designers, gamers, linguists, teachers, data scientists, and anyone with college degrees in literature, foreign language, history, journalism, writing, or the humanities. Their primary job function is to interact with AI companies, listen to their needs, and design special ontology campaigns for Builders and Validators. They will likely use a desktop version of our app. They will need to possess much stronger communication and leadership skills.

  • For the Builder, this is anyone who wants to play to earn to generate sporadic income. Initially, part-time freelancers, gamers, high school and college students seeking part-time work, and digital nomads seeking side-gigs will be attracted. Their primary job function is to provide ontologies in a gamified mobile interface. The work could also entail labeling, annotating, and categorizing of text, photos, and videos provided by the app. They do not need to possess special skills when they start out, but as experience points accumulate, some Builders will develop a specialization by joining a clan that focuses on a certain data type, domain, subject matter, AI engine, language, or culture.

  • For the Validator, this role can be done by anyone, but would be especially attractive for people who are more seasoned and conservative. Someone with a more critical mind will be well suited for this role. This is essentially the job of an evaluator who enjoys critiquing and getting paid for it. Their primary job function is to accept or reject ontologies proposed by Builders. Sometimes it involves correcting the work submitted by the Builders and resubmitting it as an improved ontology for other Validators to review. Validators do not need to possess special skills initially. However, as with the Builders, there will be specialization opportunities through the continuous formation of many clans across their own specialties.

  • Data Traders are the Kanon collectors actively buying and selling Kanons in both primary and secondary markets for profit. Main types of data traders:

    • DeFi yield farmers and speculators,

    • Ontology miners in need of staking assets,

    • Long-term investors betting on the future of the Web3 data economy,

    • Institutionally managed datatokens and NFT funds,

    • Market makers,

    • Auction houses,

    • SynesisDAO treasury, and

    • NFT collectors.

  • Ontology Consumers are AI companies and the members of their ecosystem looking for specific training data. Most of them will have already worked with a non-Web3 crowdsourcing based data service provider. They will join Synesis One because it is more egalitarian and cost-effective, and it will ultimately include better quality training data. It’s likely that they will assemble or manage their own in-house team of Synesis One Architects to meet their data requirements.


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[ii] Wang, Alexander. “Scale AI's Series E: Deploying AI across Every Industry.” Scale. Accessed July 30, 2021. https://scale.com/blog/series-e.

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