3.1 Overview

Ontology Mining is the most labor-intensive phase of Synesis One. It refers to the crowdsourcing activities conducted by the ontology contributors or miners. There are three types of ontology miners, and their roles are described in detail in Section 3.3. To accumulate quality ontologies through crowdsourcing, SynesisDAO uses a staking mechanism to reward, or in the event of poor performance penalize miners. The process is analogous to running a validator node for Beacon Chain for Ethereum 2.0. except there is no real node. No special hardware set up is required. For example, when a Builder provides domain-specific knowledge to Synesis One through ontology mining, the group of new ontologies proposed by the Builder are sent to Validators to certify the authenticity, semantic fit with the relevant topic, and novelty before they are officially added to the Ontology Database. All the while Architects will index, organize, prioritize, and curate the functioning of the compendia so that AI companies can meet the rapidly changing demands for ontology consumers seeking certain types of knowledge in order to continuously improve and expand Synesis One. SynesisDAO rewards the ontology miners with SNS for their validated contributions.

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