11.3 Key Value Proposition

The Foundation’s initial focus will be to attract top game studios in Korea to radically improve the UI/UX of ontology mining operations and Kanon Exchange. There will be consulting assignments, grants, scholarships, and bounties offered to attract top game designer talents.

The Synesis Foundation team believes that democratization goes hand in hand with decentralized or distributed data ownership. Towards that end, the Foundation will sponsor conferences and research into systems that make the Synesis One ecosystem more open, transparent, and democratic. The Foundation plans to work with leading universities, institutes, and non-profits.

Through bounty programs, the Synesis Foundation will incentivize the collection of ontologies or the creation of dApps that have a positive impact on supporting diversity in knowledge and language. For example, a bounty might be created to encourage the creation of ontologies focused on education, decoding text-chat conversations to help teachers better understand their students’ struggles across all subject areas in real time. The Synesis Foundation will also reach out to organizations directly when access to AI resources can help solve problems for humanity.

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