2.3 Shared Economy - Distribution of Value

Figure 4 shows Synesis One’s Monetary System. This illustrates how Synesis One collects its earnings from Traders and Consumers and redistributes them to Contributors. The focus is to provide ontology miners with real opportunities to create value, earn and trade rewards, and put the profit back into the ecosystem for more.

At its heart is SynesisDAO’s Treasury. It starts with a SNS reward reserve pool of 25% of the total SNS supply. On the expense side, three categories of expenditure exist. First, Ontology Miners will earn rewards in SNS from this pool as their earnings. The Mining Service Fee is the single largest expense category for SynesisDAO. Second, Kanon holders will earn Claimable Rewards (paid in SNS). And lastly, Operational Expenses will cover development and marketing from the same pool. On the revenue side five sources will provide powerful income streams; namely, creator royalty of up to 2.5% of a trade when a Kanon is traded on a secondary NFT market, up to 2.5% of the total trading volume on Kanon Exchange, the service and liquidation fee generated when an NFT is staked or unstaked as collateral, 10% Atomic Split Service Fee, and Ontology Usage fees from AI Companies. All excess profit will be either burned or spent to buy back SNS on the secondary market. Some Ontology Miners will supplement their earnings by purchasing Kanon (with their earning) from the Kanon Exchange and capture the price appreciation of Kanon. And all Kanon holders are required to contribute as an Ontology Miner to claim periodic rewards. Income generated from Kanon minting will increase the treasury of the Synesis Foundation whose core mission is to grow the ecosystem and to support developers, game designers, community builders, and KOLs and influencers to gamify the UI/UX for Ontology Mining and Kanon Exchange.

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