5.7.9 Recruiting Mechanism

All Kanon holders are potential ontology miners. Its reward mechanism motivates all Kanon holders to perform ontology mining. However, this requirement can be assigned to other members in the same group if a clan is formed and registered through the SynesisDAO UI. This mechanism allows each registered clan to pool all or a portion of the collective conscription duty for all clan members. This duty is also measured in Conscription Units (CU). Anyone in her clan can volunteer to perform necessary ontology mining tasks on the behalf of the other members and reduce CU for the clan. By the same token, all claimed rewards aggregated in a clan can be boosted by up to 50% more in rewards in SNS if the entire clan is involved. The function of the boost is to incentivize and stimulate collaboration and competition among the miners. This survival-of-the-fittest mechanics will also reward more skilled miners to take the greater share of the reward pool. The level and amount of boost will depend on the level of cross-role collaborations (i.e., the architects, builders and validators in the same clan working together) and the amount of ontology mining output and quality.

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