12.1 Overview

Synesis One uses a dual token economic system to power two inter-dependent operational areas with different missions: SynesisDAO + Kanon Exchange.

  • SNS is a right to participate and vote. It powers SynesisDAO.

  • Kanon is a collectible with a reward. It supplies a means of exchange to Kanon Exchange.

Both SNS and Kanon are also a utility and work token because all ontology miners must stake them before they start their work to earn rewards. This staking mechanism prevents unethical or bad behaviors. It’s a collateral that can be taken away or reduced. On the flipside, all staked SNS will earn staking interest, which will be offset by a penalty if contributors perform badly.

Our dual token system is designed to stimulate participation and earning potential for every Synesis One stakeholder. To do that, we established the direct circular loop that connects the point at which an ontology is crowdsourced to where it is traded for profit and returned for more ontology mining.

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