6.1 Overview

This section describes how a Kanon can be transmuted into a DeFi composable asset.

Primitive Monetizing turns AI data into a financial asset. Its function provides liquidity into Synesis One. It achieves that by unlocking hidden value stored in our thoughts and language through DeFi composability.[i] The main difference between Synesis One and other data monetization protocols is practicality. There are two main paths to it.

  • Atomic Split

  • Collateral-based Asset Transmutation (CAT)


[i] 0xjim. “The True Power of Defi: Composability.” Medium. Coinmonks, April 29, 2021. https://medium.com/coinmonks/the-true-power-of-defi-composability-14fe8355e0d0#:~:

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